Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"seige" of Thai government bldg enters surreal second day

12:04 am: Two senators - Karun Sai-ngarm and Pichet Phattanachote lead the protesters to curse Thaksin in response to a superstitious rite they says Thaksin is having a Cambodian witchdoctor perform in Buri Ram.

Karun asks the crowd to put Thaksin's photos or name under women's crotch and curse him three times.

Karun asks women to stand up for putting Thaksin's name and photos under their legs. Karun and Pichet lead the crowd to curse Thaksin three times.

They ask the crowd to curse Thaksin to leave office, and flee Thailand to Singapore.

Keep in mind these are Thai senators, the senior elected leadership of Thailand.