Monday, November 20, 2006

Dual pricing - institutionalized racism in Thaland

from the Bangkok Post letters section:

Mr Knipfing (Postbag, Nov 20) made some valid points and also appears to have been lucky. Not only have I seen non-Thais sail through the Thai queue, I have been with a white-skinned, Thai-born friend with an ID card, who was refused entry under the Thai price. The only explanation in this case was skin colour.

In many cases it is not double prices but as much as 20 times the local price
, with foreign children being charged more that Thai adults.

I have seen the case with the Thai man in the latest BMW and gold Rolex (really) getting in for free, while the backpacker paid the special foreign prices.

I have also seen this pricing policy in action in India but this does not justify the practice.

Section 30 of the last Constitution covered discrimination based on race. If the prices were being set based on per capita personal income tax paid, then foreigners have more than covered their local upkeep obligations.
[ed. and yet, some cretins have the cheek to call us 'guests']