Thursday, November 24, 2005

coup rumors, lack of a press office

Thaksin needs to form a press office immediately. Deputy ministers and various underlings offering off-the-cuff statements to the press is the number 2 cause for this adminsitration's PR woes. The number 1 cause being, of course, off-the-cuff statements by Thaksin himself. A press office would solve both problems.

from The Nation

POLITICS AND THE SET: Coup rumours don’t sit well with investors

Published on November 24, 2005

Market drops five points as Cabinet ministers refute Phumtham’s assertion. Coup rumours dealt a severe blow to the stock market yesterday, and efforts by a number of Cabinet ministers to come to the rescue was too little too late. Investors yesterday sold stocks after Deputy Transport Minister Phumtham Wechayachai sparked concern over political risks when he claimed to have learned of a coup plot.

What the heck was the 'Deputy Transport Minister' thinking when he told the press a coup was in the works? Whether correct or not (apparently not), when would it be appropriate for someone in his position to make such an announcement?

This is the same ministry, by the way, that proposed closing off major streets in Bkk to accomodate illegal motorcycle racing earlier this year.

Process determines outcome, and when you have such an unprofessional process of news desimination in the country, political instability and investment shocks are going to be the natural result. As quoted elsewhere, investors can handle economic instability but seldom tolerate political instability. The sad thing is, this form of political instability is totally avoidable, if the current administration would take basic steps to professionalize its leadership of the country.

Those who continue to talk vaguely about Thaksin being 'good for business', without offering any specifics, take note.