Saturday, February 11, 2006

Anti-Taksin coalition gains momentum

live reporting from The Nation website:

At press time, the situation at the Royal Plaza remained tense as more than 1,000 police and security officers had gathered inside the nearby Dusit Zoo, standing by to ensure that the massive crowd dispersed after midnight.

A plainclothes policeman at the nearby Metropolitan Police Bureau was upset by the treatment of his boss, police chief Kowit Wattana, who was surrounded by protesters when he tried to enter the rally site, as well as the abuse and shouts of hatred against Thaksin, a former police officer.

“We should do it like Black May. Set up termination teams, put them on the back of pickup trucks and they can just press [the gun triggers],” he said, referring to the death squads sent out to liquidate or kill protesters after the clash in May 1992.

Incredible, this blithe admission of murder. The Thai police have never been questioned or brought to task for the events of May 1992 when thousands of Thai citizens were injured, killed, or 'disappeared' by roving gangs of soldiers and police in downtown Bangkok. Several westerners attempting to return to their residences or hotels were deliberately shot by soldiers at close range. These events have been swept under the rug for the past fifteen years.