Saturday, February 04, 2006

Thaksin as so-called 'CEO': Where Are His Deliverables? What Has He Done?

Thaksin asked the people to sacrifice democracy for CEO expediency in solving the nation's ills. The people, being Thai, and with little experience of democracy, agreed. Thaksin failed to deliver anything, and has thus lost whatever thin mandate he had to rule.

BTW the upcountry vote buying that went on with impunity during the last election, combined with the stupidity and apathy of middle class Bangkokians who reflexively voted for TRT, is the root cause of the current impasse.

Interesting letter in The Nation today:


Published on February 05, 2006

Thaksin is clinging to the very system he has been bent on destroying during his rule

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra should consider resigning from office now that he still has time to do so. He has not had the legitimacy to rule for a long time.

Thaksin has been using the loopholes in the current Constitution for his own benefit instead of protecting and upholding the charter for the nation’s good as intended by the charter writers.

He has been trying to steer his government in the opposite direction to that intended by the writers of the Constitution. The Parliament has been turned into a tool of the government instead of an independent legislative body and a checks-and-balances mechanism. The independent organisations meant to monitor the performance of the government and ensure transparency and fairness have also been rendered ineffectual.

In short, instead of protecting and upholding the Constitution, as is his duty as the head of the administrative branch, Thaksin has been undermining the governing charter all along.

Now, after five years of twisting and contorting the principles of our Constitution beyond recognition, he is using the charter for his own survival and protection. That is utterly unfair to all the people he purports to serve but has failed to do so.

He has thus betrayed the Constitution and the people of Thailand, and should resign.

Chavalit Van

Chiang Mai