Sunday, February 19, 2006

The problem is not Thaksin, but the people who voted for him

Excerpted comments from a letter to The Nation:

Ousting PM won’t rid us of entrenched societal ills

...there seems to be no clear agenda as to what we are going to change besides the dubious PM. What follows the slogan “Thaksin auk bpai”, (Thaksin get out) I am still waiting to hear.

...We can’t expect that by changing one person’s job, we can make all societal ills go away.

There will still be mafia-like police and police-like mafia.

...Even without the prime minister, Thailand would still suffer from the arrogance of a few “privileged” people who will find all sorts of excuses to abuse their powers.

...We will still see selfish people on the road and in public spaces, who think that the rest us are here solely to serve them.

All the ills of the society we see today that I am so fed up with do not come from the PM, but from PM-wannabes who elected him. Unless these people change their minds and attitudes, and unless the youths of this country are educated on correct morals, values and ethics, Thailand will again end up with a PM just like the current one.

Chul “Cho” Chang

Nakhon Pathom