Sunday, November 26, 2006

Passengers injured when train ferrying them to Chiang Mai flora expo in Thailand hit by another

Phichit - A special-service train ferrying passengers from Bangkok to the flora expo in Chiang Mai was hit by another train, causing part of it to derail and injuring many passengers. [ed. the 'express train' was hit in the back by the normal train, believe it or not]

Police said the accident happened at ten minutes after midnight Sunday night between the Huayket and Taphan Hin stations in Phichit's Taphan Hin district.

Police said the normal service train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai hit the last car of the special service train, causing the last car and the engine and a goods car of the second train to derail.

Police said the injured passengers included foreigners but their exact number was not known yet.

The Nation