Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is a translated excerpt of recent Matichon (Thai newspaper) article that made its way into my inbox:

Matichon editorial: Thai-style working - November 14, 2005

...Many times we see ministers who put forth ideas thoughtlessly and without information and the facts to support their views. When nobody agrees with the idea it is canceled easily. This is different from solving problems with analysis ... if nobody agrees, it should be proved and confirmed and not so easily canceled.

The idea to solve the problems of the deep south put forth by the Interior Minister or his related persons each time--such as setting up cable TV or migrating people to the area or even Minister of Social Development and Human Security’s idea to solve youth problem by motorcycle racing or pointing spotlights at hotels--may have good intentions, but it is to easy. When there is an objection, their answer is that they are just giving suggestions. This clearly shows the efficiency of government thought...

The article prattles on for a bit but that is the most instructive part.

This practice of ministers tossing out "suggestions," with no analysis or forethought, instead of actually governing, is the central problem with the current administration. It reflects a broken political process as well as an immature understanding of leadership.

And the suggestions themselves are frankly so idiotic that regardless of their "spontaneous" nature they call into question the suitability of such people for high public office. Some knowledge of public policy on a lower level needs to be reinstated as a requirement for anyone picked to fill a cabinet level post. It's time to get back to basics on that one.