Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thai hi-so and the concept of charity; incredible but absolutely true

from today's Letters section of the Nation:

Thaksin should share his windfall with charities

It is very common in Western countries for the ultra-rich to be benefactors to multiple foundations, charities and universities.

Many have their own foundations to help the poor of not just their own country, but countries throughout the world.

Witness Bill Gates and his Aids programme worth billions of dollars, or Angelina Jolie giving millions to Cambodian and African poor.

Certainly now Thaksin can afford to really help the poor of Thailand.

Not once in six years of living here have I ever read about the "hi-so" Thais giving freely of their money to help others. Certainly it would have been reported because these selfish rich people would only give to charities if it were to be publicised.

Can anyone give one example of how Thaksin has given of his own wealth to help anyone (other than the televised "unreality" show recently where he gave away Bt50,000 - pocket money for him)?

Let's see how caring Thaksin and his family really are now.

Disgusted by Thaksin

Chiang Mai