Sunday, January 22, 2006

what are Thais really like?

rude and incredibly selfish (not to mention racist-- a recent gallup poll puts Thailand at #1 for xenophobia in Asia), for the most part.

>>>a 'slice of daily life' story reposted from another discussion group:

i had a nice one yesterday;

standing in the new, swish, swanky central food hall. waiting in line to have my salad weighed, so to speak, and some big, purple-haired female canine variety of a khun ying strides up, takes a good look at me, for some reason decides that she has the right to jump ahead of me.

she literally thrusts her bag of fruit in front of me towards the weigher...


if she had any idea just how close i am to decking the next dumb fruit somchai who decides to treat me rudely...

anyhoo, i didnt tear thee old witch's head off. i very loudly said to her, in front of other people queing, "excuse me but i was here first, you are very rude". i then shook my head at her while my stuff was being weighed.

she didn't look very happy at all.

many thais are disgustingly, selfishly rude and they can take the pleasure out of living here.

>>> should be noted that this kind of behaviour is not limited to "khunyings," but is definitely most common among older "chinese-thai" (1/4 chinese-3/4 thai) women and, on the other side of the spectrum, low class Thais of any age or gender. Middle class Thais, in my exp., tend to be somewhat better behaved.